North Van Welcomes Hawkers Warf

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The team at Flüff hail from all over the world but at the moment most of us live somewhere in the lower mainland. Many of our team members happen to live on the north shore. Like truly loyal residents these Flüffians continue to remind the rest of us how amazing the nature, communities and amenities are in North Vancouver. We all agree of course! There is something special and unique about the shore; from the local mountains and dense rain-forest to the interesting and economic waterfront, North Vancouver has a lot to offer.


From both a design and food prospective, we are excited about what else North Van is about to offer. Hawkers Market, which has been operating in Vancouver for the last few years, is about to open the newly constructed Hawkers Warf on the waterfront. Located behind the North Van auto mall, Hawkers Warf is something totally new for North Van. It is a food hub designed with shipping containers, and an open concept communal cooking and dining space reminiscent of traditional open air markets seen in some European cities.

The Kitchens

Burgeoning restaurateurs can rent a totally equipped kitchen box and operate it like a stationary food truck. Another option is to rent space in the co-working kitchen where you can experiment, create and “make” with other like minded chef types.


The Restaurant

The concept reminds us a bit of the artist co-ops of east Vancouver but with food. The architecture of the design looks modern and hip, with a lot of attention paid to functionality. The communal seating space means diners can grab dinner from any of the “boxes” and pull up a seat in the middle. Perhaps a bit like the market on Granville Island?

The Garden

The Urban Garden area supports food growing for educational purposes and will donate the yields to businesses that support low-income families. We love the sound of that!

“Edible Schoolyards involve students in all aspects of farming the garden as well as growing, preparing, and serving food. It will encourage awareness and appreciation of the transformative values of nourishment, community and stewardship of the land.”


Overall the concept is something we can really endorse. It  supports local entrepreneurs, local households in need, sustainable building, sustainable food growing practices and will be an amazing place to have a drink and some great food. Sold! Be sure to make hay while the sun shines, because this piece of land will eventually be developed into residential towers. With this unique design, however, they may be able to pick up and move somewhere else? Perhaps living in your own neighbourhood for a few years?

(All images are from the Hawkers Warf website)


Beka Knight

Fluff Designs



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