We’ve arrived! Our First Few Days in Melbourne

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As most of you readers know, half the marketing team has moved to Melbourne, Australia! Here’s how our first few days in Melbourne went.

melbourne australia

After a short 19 hour flight, we arrived in Melbourne. First things first, set up bank accounts and phone numbers. May as well get the boring stuff out of the way, right?

melbourne australia

We are so lucky to be staying with (our warehouse warrior) Nelson’s family. Their charming Californian bungalow has heaps of wild succulents and cacti, something Vancouverites pay a premium for. The first few winter days were really cold…like wool jacket and blanket scarf cold. But it warmed up towards the end of the week. We’ve been trying to learn all the lingo while taking the trams apartment hunting. Overalls are called dungarees here – and I think that’s pretty cute.

melbourne australia

And as far as apartment hunting has gone, we missed two appointments due to our Uber driving taking us to a suburb on the opposite side of Melbourne. But, we found some cool buildings in this area anyway. One thing we’ve noticed is that there’s tons of hand-painted lettering on the old brick buildings. We loved this Coca Cola one.

3 Slang Terms to Know:

  • Stubbie = A bottle, like a beer
  • Chockers = Chock full
  • Bottle-O = Liquor Store

3 Coffee Shops to Try:

  • Black Velvet
  • Brother Baba Budan
  • Little Bean Blue

3 Restaurants to Eat at:

  • Doughnut Time
  • Vegie Bar
  • Fat Boy Thai Kitchen

Stay tuned for more of our discoveries in Melbourne!

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