What To See in Melbourne

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We’ve been researching all things Australia these days, and have curated a list of what to see in Melbourne! Read more below:

Chuckle Park

melbourne australia

This tucked away spot in a back lane is so colourful and cute! We love the red Tolix stools.

Queen Victoria Markets

melbourne australia

Queen Victoria Markets is high on our list of places to visit. From delicious donuts, to string lights at night, this place has something for everyone, at all times of the day!


melbourne austrlia

Fitsroy is know for its bright graffiti, kitschy shops, and delicious eats. We briefly had lunch there this week, but hours could be spent on this street.

St. Kilda

melbourne australia

St. Kilda is a beautiful place to suburb to spend a day in. Take in the beachy scenery and independent cafes.

The 12 Apostles

melbourne australia

A short day trip away are the 12 Apostles, a collection of limestone stacks on the Victoria coast. Look how clear that water is!


melbourne australia

Australia is renowned for their good coffee. Never will you find drip coffee, even the cheapest diners serve you latte’s! What a dream!

We think you should come visit us in Melbourne and check out these great places. Can you guess which one we’re most excited about!?


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