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We wanted to show you some of our Australian home today, and the ways we’ve been decorating on a budget! Read more below:

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There comes a time, when you move abroad, move into your first apartment, or have other financial priorities and need to find ways to decorate on a budget. We were in this situation when we moved to Australia. Suddenly the idea of picking something up from a back alley didn’t seem so bad. Long gone are the worries of bed bugs and spiderwebs – bring on the free furniture!

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We found this dining table at our local thrift store, and 6 of these chairs on a Facebook group for $50!


We wanted to bring in more light wood, and used this IKEA bed side table as a mirror stand. It’s only $14.99! Shop it here. The planter is from H&M home, and the lamp from KMart

May it be noted that KMart Australia is some secret goldmine that the rest of the world needs to experience at some point. The designs are AMAZING and so affordable. Check it out below:

A photo posted by Kmart Australia (@kmartaus) on

A photo posted by Kmart Australia (@kmartaus) on

A photo posted by Kmart Australia (@kmartaus) on

See what we mean?


As we mentioned here, we are obsessing over the new IKEA SVÄRTAN collection. We scored this awesome wall print for only $12.99!

Decorating with found objects around the home, like magazines, perfume, and empty bottles is a great way to save money.

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decorating on a budget

We aren’t allowed to use any nails, sticky tack, or any other means of hanging art in our home…so we had to get creative. We found postcards from local coffee shops, the NGV, and thrift stores and used masking tape to put them up. We grabbed some affordable (like $5) wall decals to add some extra pizzazz.

The best resources for decorating on a budget are:

  • local Facebook buy and sell groups. People are usually in a hurry to get rid of things
  • Wal-Mart, KMart, Costco, any giant supercentre
  • thrift stores and charity shops
  • back alleys and roadside discard piles (seriously saved us here)
  • Craigslist, Gumtree, or online forums for buying and selling
  • ask your friends! Most people have extra pieces lying around they don’t need :)o

Although it may seem like a tricky task to decorate on a budget, we assure you, it’s a piece of cake! We hope you liked seeing our home away from home. Feel free to comment below with any decorating questions!

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