Pantone Colour of the Year 2017 – Greenery

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We are always interested in what Pantone has to say about colour trends for the new year. Often on point, the institute was spot on with Rose Quartz last year as we saw light pink become a staple in home decor. This year Pantone has decleared Greenery as their colour of the year and the reasons make sense, even if the colour comes as a bit of a surprise for the world of interiors.

pantone colour of the year banner greenery

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Pantone has selected a palette that mixes bright and muted tones together, taking cues from fashion runways for Spring 2017. Designers are using more saturated, bold colours this spring, and Greenery seems like a good bridge between the more muted colours of the last few years and the vibrant colours we see on the Spring 2017 runways.

fashion runway shots spring 2017

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pantone spring 2017

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Another reason that Pantone selected green was as a symbol of renewal and regrowth. 2016 was considered to be a difficult year for many, and there is much uncertainty as we begin 2017. Green is a symbol of fresh starts and new beginnings, setting an optimistic tone for 2017. We can certainly appreciate the meaning and effort involved in that decision.

The team at Flüff thought a lot about this years colour choice and we are totally on board! Let’s charge into 2017 renewed, with positive energy and an optimistic outlook on life and decor! Here is where we went with Greenery as our inspiration.

mood board for a living room with green decor

We think that Greenery works with the current trend in Scandinavian design. Light wood, clean simple shapes and an almost graphic aesthetics suit the palette. We envision green paired with white and black, greys and muted yellows. (All inventory pictured available at Flüff Designs. Sofa and Bench from Gus Modern. Percy Chair from Joybird)

green vases and bowls

living room styled with grey sofa and green pillows

We are ready to embrace Greenery with our own take on the colour. We would love to hear your reaction to the choice, either way. Let us know!

~ The Flüffians

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