Ditch These Design Trends in 2017

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Design trends change constantly, we’re here to keep you up to speed! Here’s the top design trends to ditch in 2017:


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credit: delightfull

This trend is still popular, but we’re seeing less homes being entirely done in this style. Buy key pieces but ditch the head-to-toe mid-century looks


home staging vancouver

credit: Pinterest

This trend had a huge wave, but we’re finally seeing the end of it. Ditch the neutral spaces and embrace the joy of colour


home staging vancouver

credit: Barrows Brings

We all know how much tropical printed wallpaper blew up. Ditch this trend and try to add textiles in prints instead!


home staging vancouver

credit: tumblr

Obviously, iconic styles will always be around. Instead of styling your home with all these styles, embrace contemporary and local designers.

Embrace the change, it’s a new year after all! Which style are you going to try this year?


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