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The designers at Flüff love to embrace the latest trends in home styling, and right now that’s Scandinavian décor. Here are some of our favourite pieces at Flüff with some tips on how to get started if you love Scandi design!

Small Steps

An occasional table or rattan pouf are easy pieces to add for a more Scandinavian living space. Layering is key, so try adding design books or textiles on-top of existing furniture. Matte black and white accessories are paramount to the look and for a more traditional approach try a bold geometric print for your throw cushions.

mood board of Scandinavian design

All the Way

If you want to go a little deeper, consider investing in some key pieces. The Gus Modern upholstered ottoman and plywood dining chair are modern classics. The lighter wood and rounded legs of the ottoman are telltale signs of a Scandinavian inspired piece. Using framed photography is also great to get the right feel. Try printing some of your favourite photos in black and white and have them framed with a large matte for an art gallery look.

mood board of Scandinavian design


Layering and texture are 2 of the major components in this décor style. We carry all kinds of baskets and textiles to help heap on the style.

mood board of Scandinavian design

We have everything  in this post at Flüff designs, and our stylists are always happy to help you choose! Our team can pull it all together for you or you are more than welcome to come on in and shop for what you need. See you soon.

~ The Flüffians

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