5 Iconic Canadian Styles by Flüff

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Happy Canada Day! We feel very lucky to live and work in Canada. For this Canada Day post we are showcasing 5 iconic Canadian styles we love. There are many more amazing styles of art and design in Canada than our little list, so don’t be disappointed if your favourite isn’t here. Simply let us know what you love and why! We’d love to hear from you.

Flüff does West Coast Contemporary

The Flüffians come from all over the world, but we currently have the Pacific North West in common. Organic wood shapes pair with modern metals and the hazy blues and greens of the natural landscape. Super natural BC! canada day vignette blue and green west coast modern

Flüff does East Canada Cottage

Trending at the moment is a laid back, Ontario cottage vibe. We love the iconic Hudson’s Bay blanket and rustic accents that go hand in hand with this style.

Canada Day vignette east Ontario cottage styleCanada Day vignette east Ontario cottage style

Flüff does T.O. Trendy

Toronto is one of our favourite cosmopolitan cities. World class design, art, and architecture make it a hot spot for style. We love the urban style of Toronto, so of course mixed metals, black textiles and sophisticated art prints are all a major part of this super power of Canadian style.

Canada Day vignette Toronto style with mixed metals and art printsCanada Day vignette Toronto style with mixed metals and art prints

Flüff does Retro Montreal

So of course Montreal is a modern, eclectic, hotbed for current design. But we wanted to pay homage to the iconic style of Montreal 67′. With Expo and the Canadian centennial, this was a super cool year for Canadian Design with Montreal in the spotlight worldwide.

Canda Day vignette, Montreal featuring the centennial mugs and yellow phoneCanda Day vignette, Montreal featuring the centennial mugs and yellow phone

Flüff does The Modern Maritimes

All the way across the country we find the amazing landscape of the Maritimes. Clearly Canadian, these coastal provinces have a unique charm and culture all their own. With the background of the Atlantic Ocean, a modern beach-house style shines bright in this little corner of the world.

Canada Day vignette, Maritimes with blues and sea shellsCanada Day vignette, Maritimes with blues and sea shells

We had a blast coming up with these collections featuring some of Canada’s coolest styles. What do you think represents a “Canadian Style”? Is it the phenomenal art from the First Nations in Haida Gwaii? Or do you identify with the maple tree lined streets of Quebec City with it’s old brick buildings? We think that it all makes up Canadian style. Canada is truly different and truly remarkable from coast to coast!

Happy Canada Day

~The Flüffians

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