Living Room 101~Tips for Choosing Armchairs

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Here are some tips on choosing the perfect armchairs for your living room. Some of the basic “Do’s and Don’ts” in modern design will help create a balanced and pleasing space. Remember however, that although “rules” help us, it is creativity and instinct that put love and life in your living space.

grey sofa with 2 white armchairs in monochromatic livingroom
coffee table vignette with decorative ball, black tray and candle.

The Do’s (Mostly!)

  • Don’t match the armchair and sofa fabric – Matching fabric is a bit dated. If  you use a fabric sofa, why not try a leather armchair!?
  • Do match styles – In the photo above, the sofa, armchairs, and décor are contemporary and modern.
  • Do vary the colours – If you have a grey sofa, try a coloured, black, or white armchair . If you use 2 shades of grey, make sure they are a totally different tone.


mid century modern grey sofa with 2 matching orange armchairs


  • Do balance light and dark – Again stay away from matching a dark sofa with dark armchairs. Keep part of the design light!
  • Do consider the space – If the space calls for one chair instead of two, consider a unique design or statement piece. This arrangement will look more casual and “hip”.


blue sofa with white and wood armchair and blue rug


Often we recommend a neutral sofa with classic lines because it is timeless and a great foundation piece. In design, armchairs are more flexible, creative and inspired. It is important not to choose too “trendy” because armchairs are an investment piece but the good news is that armchair design often does combined comfort, style and personality. It is also well worth it to splurge on a well designed, classic style when the time is right. An armchair can become a family heirloom or a distinctive part of a living space that helps define your home’s special qualities. Enjoy the process of creating your nest because it’s such an important part of our lives!


~The Flüffians

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