Sarah Richardson at the Canadian Furniture Show

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Canadian Designer Sarah Richardson

Sarah’s opening remarks set the tone for her presentation;

“A home should be a place to nourish”

My sentiments exactly.  As a company we strive to create a home that is a sanctuary. A place to recharge, relax and rest.

The world of design is so accessible to the general public. It’s no longer cost prohibitive to have a designed home. With the advent of HGTVInstagram, and Pinterest people can be inspired from around the world.

Addressing designers, Sarah strongly recommended creating your own signature style. Hers includes:

  • 1 part masculine + 1 part feminine
  • 1 part light + 1 part dark
  • 1 part curve + 1 part linear
Sarah Richardson designed kitchen. White cabinets

Kitchen Design – Sarah Richardson Design

Knowing your customer was stressed. Hopefully we all know that already.

Having a style recipe was mentioned. Sarah’s is Soulful Interiors for Modern Living. She attributed a lot of her success to including these aspects:

  • creativity
  • confidence
  • community
  • authenticity
  • integrity
  • accountability


I loved hearing what she had to say about current trends. Firstly, DON’T follow trends in your investment pieces. Use accessories, art etc to create personality & trend influences.

For major pieces try to differentiate with details: nail head trims, interesting leg detail or distinctive fabrics.


furniture details, nail heads on headboard. Metal chairs and pattern arm chairs

Furniture Details – Flüff Designs

Modern vintage is showing some presence. The use of “Hygge” (pronounced Hoo-gay) to create a cozy home environment.

hygge details with rattan pouff and layered throw blankets

Hygge Inspired Décor – Flüff Designs

Rattan & wicker is so currant. Again use with a limited hand. A piece or two makes a statement and add artisan elements to give your project personality. That could be a beautiful handcrafted table, lighting or interesting wall decor.

She did mention “High Country”, and I must say I did cringe a little at that. Less is more. At Flüff have always said that knowing when to stop is an important skill in design. Celebrate the classics. Again create whimsy with accessories etc.

And of course Sarah LOVES LOVES LOVES to mix prints.

mixing print collage with pillows

Mixing Prints – Flüff Designs

She ended with a quote:

“Nourish the Soul in all that you do”

It was definitely an inspiring presentation.

Patti Houston portrait

~ Patti Houston, Owner and Creative Director at Flüff Designs


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