Tips for Improving Curb Appeal

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1. Mow the lawn, it’s obvious but still worth saying! In Spring the grass starts coming back and we love seeing the green. Keep it short and neat so buyers aren’t worried about what else is neglected on the property.



2. Power wash where necessary. To improve your curb appeal, hire a local company like PSI Factor in Vancouver, or rent a power washer from Home Depot. If  stucco or wood siding could use a face-lift, this is how to do it. Cement pathways or gutters may also benefit from a good cleaning. You may be surprised what a good exterior gutter clean can do for appearances.

2. Consider repainting the front door. Experts agree that the money you spend on a front door will be recouped and it adds loads of curb appeal! This is such an important and easy investment.


3. Add some colour with plants. Create a colourful planter or boarder garden to add some life to the front yard. Two planters flanking the bottom of the stairs or one by the front door is a nice touch. In spring and summer it is easy to get creative with flowers and they are readily available.

You will attract buyers with clean yards and exteriors. Make the most of your sale and start scrubbing, or hire the right people to help!! Good luck,

~The Flüffians




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