Flüff “How To” ~ Creating a Casual Gallery Wall

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Lately there are requests from our clients for a more relaxed or “lived in” approach to styling their properties. We think that adding a casual gallery wall to a living space is a great way to add some interest to a room, and it mixes things up a little. Here are some tips for creating a casual gallery wall in your home.

home office with gallery wall and caramel leather office chair

  • Choose Different Size Images – Variety adds interest and texture. A more relaxed look is achieved using different size images and frames.


  • Use Photographs – Artistic photos are perfect for displaying in a show suite, staged home or your personal space. If using them in your own home, why not use images that are special to you but also beautiful!


casual gallery wall with mirror and clock in living room


  • Choose a Consistent Palette – One predominate colour should whisper throughout the grouping. Using black and white images with subtle hints of one or two colours is also effective.


  • Balance Light and Dark – Make sure you use some matted images or prints with white space. Don’t choose all dark or all light artwork, again variety is important.


  • Mix It Up – A mix of art prints, photos and wall art can be fun too. We often use a clock or decorative wall piece to enhance a space or create a feature wall.


home office gallery wall with white office chair and wall planter

There is more than one way to create a gallery space in your home. Currently we are loving a more casual and relaxed style for modern homes. If you follow these simple suggestions you are sure to have a special feature space in your home that really gets people talking!

~The Flüffians

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