Flüff Loves ~ Black Décor is Back!

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Black décor is back in a major way for interiors…although it never really left. As fundamental as blue jeans, black is an anchor in any room design. Patti has always maintained that,

Every room should have at least a touch of black!

We agree that adding black is never a bad idea, and often somewhere to start when you are choosing décor. Black matches every other colour, (except maybe brown), and works in every interior style. Black looks great with wood, glass, and metal. And black adds sophistication to design in a way no other colour can.

mood board with all black elements. Gus Modern Chair, bench and dining chair

Modern black furniture and décor all available at Flüff Designs – featuring Gus Modern

We love the re-introduction of heavy contrast in design this year. The “all white” aesthetic is beautiful, but we love when design elements create balance using contrasting elements such as colour and texture. We feel that it makes for a more complex and interesting home.

In our staging projects we use black woven in and out of our vignettes to draw the eye from one point of interest to another. Black furniture can ground a room and help a client feel the purpose in the space.

An all white bedroom looks sharp with dark lampshades and sophisticated cushions. Black patterns are also an amazing way to have fun with print without sacrificing sophistication.

We love that black is back in modern furniture and décor. We think it is a timeless choice for your most important design decisions. A choice you can live with for a lifetime.

~The Flüffians

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