Welcome to the New Flüff Designs!

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Welcome to the new Flüff Designs. We are still getting settled in our new space but it feels like home and we love every square inch of our new building. It’s been totally worth it!

Marlon in the Fluff Designs Gus Showroom

We had hundreds of thousands of inventory items to move into a working construction site so the job hasn’t been easy and it isn’t over yet. The Flüffians have been amazing and our clients have been so understanding during the transition period. There is a light and it’s in the shape of our fantastic new showroom. Not to mention our operational and functional new customer service area!!

Sam and Ben behind the desk at the new Fluff Designs

The Showroom

All of this space means we can finally have a dedicated showroom to highlight our huge selection of Gus* Modern furniture. We want to share some of our latest inventory and invite you to come down to the new Flüff at 1121 William Street. We’d love to see you, come say hi.

collage of Gus Modern furniture at the new fluff designs

3 leather Gus Modern chairs with ottamans

We have dozens of new styles and a great selection of leather chairs and sofas. As well, we always carry the very best neutral fabrics in all of the classic Gus* Modern styles.

This is just a sneak peak of what we have in stock at the new Flüff Designs this October. Follow us on Instagram for up to date info on inventory arrivals and styling tips. Our grand opening party will be in November so call us and ask for details if you’d like an initiation. We’d love to have you celebrate with us!


~The Flüffians

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