Garage Sale Success! Thank You

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Another garage sale has come and gone and we think it was the best to date. It’s true, it was very civilized (sometimes it can get a bit wild!) and everyone left happy. Here are some of the highlights from the sale. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletters to get info on sales and new inventory. Stay in the loop!!

group of people waiting beside a train

group of people waiting beside a train

The Waiting Game!

Friends lined up an hour before we opened to make sure they had first dibs on the best goods. Lucky we have trains and graffiti to entertain the crowds.

groups of Fluff staff waiting at the Garage Sale

inventory from the Fluff Garage Sale

joybird furniture on sale

The Flüffians Are Set Up

We are ready to go so bring on the shoppers. Our Joybird inventory is up to 80% off! Make sure to keep checking our Facebook page to keep up with sale items.

Shop til You Drop

Once we open people are quick to grab items because everything goes fast at the garage sale.

busy shoppers at the garage sale

Decisions Decisions!

couple in 2 pink chairs

Sometimes  it takes a bit of convincing to get what you want… Don’t worry, she left happy!

That’s a wrap for this year, we can’t wait to see you at the next sale. Stay tuned for more info.

~The Flüffians

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