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Summer is finally here and with the sun comes a craving for colour in the kitchen. We are always advocating keeping your major pieces neutral but we love a little pop of colour to liven up a home staging or styling project. Especially in the kitchen!

red fruit bowl and stack of cook books

Colourful Accents

We love a clean white counter-top but it looks even better styled to perfection. Why not try a colourful fruit bowl or some beautiful decorative cookbooks as eye-candy. Pro Tip: Try stacking cookbooks or other coffee table books with the spines face out. It’s a designer trick  for adding height to a vignette.

Shelfie Style

If you are putting together the perfectly styled shelf, try looking at varying the height of each arrangement. We like the way this vertical grouping of books and plates balance the fullness of the fern.

One Tray – 4 Ways!

Do not underestimate the abilities of a great tray. Trays are a great way to style a group of objects together with no clutter. We use trays in our projects all the time. In these examples we have 4 ways to style a tray for a kitchen, bar or patio area. Pro Tip: Notice that all 4 ways have greenery added in… greenery is always a great idea.

Baskets for Days

Like their counterpart the tray, baskets can be a great way to gather objects together in a project. Baskets will help to keep the clutter at bay and are cute to boot!

We hope you are a little bit inspired to add a pop of colour to your next kitchen vignette, we think the summer season calls for a bit of fun…. now to the beach.

~The Flüffians


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