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Choosing an area rug for your living space is an important step in creating a well styled room. We have 3 simple rules we follow when we are choosing a rug and we think they may help you.

Basically the rules coordinate to the 3 general sizes of rugs, small (4″ x 6″ or 5″ x 8″), medium ( usually 5″ x 9″ or 8″ x 10″) and large (9″ x 12″ and larger).

Area rugs come in all different sizes but most fit closely into one of these 3 categories. Of course there are the exceptions of runners or round rugs, but for this post we will stick to rectangular rugs and choosing one for the living room.

1. A Small Area Rug For a Small Room

drawing of living room with small area rug

A small rug is usually a good choice for a very small space. In this case only the coffee table or ottoman will sit on the rug. This is often referred to as “floating” a rug. This technique is also good for defining a seating area in large event space with multiple seating arrangements in one large room. Pro Tip: Make sure you don’t use this type of rug in a grand room or luxury property. Unless it’s totally appropriate for the space, it can look a bit off.

small area rug in living room arrangement

2. A Medium Area Rug Means Front Legs on the Rug

drawing on medium area rug with living room arrangement

A medium size rug like an 5″ x 9″ or 8″ x 10″ will most likely and most often be the right answer. In rooms where you have the sofa against a wall you will want to place the front legs of the furniture on the rug. The room will be defined and the area rug will have presence but you won’t be mimicking wall to wall carpet. Often in these rooms, there is a hallway or thoroughfare to another room. These size rugs define the living area and leave flooring exposed to indicate walk-ways.

medium size are rug with living room arrangement

3. A Large Area Rug For A Large or Grand Space

drawing on living room with large area rug

If you have the space and the room won’t seem too full, then a large rug is a great option. If you are using a rug 9″ x 12″ or larger you want to make sure you can comfortably fit all of your furniture onto the rug. This is best for rooms where the furniture can be centered.

We hope these guidelines prove helpful when you are choosing an area rug. We are always happy to answer any other questions about staging and styling your home! Until next time…

~The Flüffians



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