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It is that time of year so we want to soften the blow of heading back to school by adding a little style inspiration to your life. In this post we have created a style-board that works for a dorm room, small bedroom or teen’s room. We have added some tips to help keep things cohesive and stylish. The key is small, light pieces and maintenance free textiles and materials. Just because it’s a temporary space or small room, doesn’t mean it can’t look great!

small bedroom mood-board with light furniture and colorful pillows

The basic palette for our design is white, light wood and grey. Once we have our bases covered we can add a bit of personality and whimsy with colour and texture. Here are some of our tips for a great dorm or teen room.

1. Small Scale + Light Furniture

We chose light and bright furniture for our bedroom because dorms are often small or shared spaces. White metal finishes are easy to wipe down and make the room look bigger. The Scandinavian inspired shelf and desk chair are easy to clean and  light enough to move by yourself. The glass top desk in white takes up less space than a typical wood desk but has a large enough surface area to spread out your text books.

2. The Essentials made Easy

There are some key elements to any dorm room or first apartment and we have the best versions for your buck! Even in a small room, it’s nice to have somewhere to chill out or relax that isn’t your bed. If you can fit a small bean bag chair in your space we highly recommend it. Of course you will also need cute noodle bowls for the endless ramen and this adorable cactus makes it easy to forget to water your plants when you are too busy studying.

3. Cleaning Up for Beginners

Materials that don’t require maintenance are the best! This versatile storage basket is cute in a woven plastic design and it’s made from recycled materials! Win win. Our choice for accent cushion is a busy but beautiful bright pattern. So cute that you won’t even notice the soup stain for weeks 😉

4. Get the Right Colour

Medium grey is a great colour for the bedding because it doesn’t show dirt as easily as either black or white. We are also big fans of this jute rug made with recycled t-shirts, you could spill anything on it and never notice. Plus it’s an eco option that everyone can love.

5. Accessories are Cool

We love plants so adding more keeps it green and the air clean. A few key decor items that you can hang are also fun and add your personal touch to a small room. Think about a DIY project you could get started on before you head back to school. Have fun but don’t add too much clutter or the room will get smaller.

All of the items in our style board are available to purchase from Flüff, except the linens which are IKEA because honestly you can’t beat them for college bedding!!

Have fun decorating and good luck with back to school!

~The Flüffians




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