One Shelf – Styled 3 Ways

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We love to showcase our inventory and show how we experiment with trends in design. The “shelifie” is hot at the moment but it has been a staple move in staging for as long as we can remember. How to style a shelf is home staging 101 but we can all use some inspiration once and a while.

One Shelf – 3 Ways

We love this sleek, modern open shelf and we think it works in just about any room of the house. In this blog post we will show you how to use it in 3 completely different spaces.

1. The Living Room

living room book shelf styled with neutral accessories

The living room seems an obvious place to see a bookshelf but that doesn’t mean that it’s any less exciting to style. Each time we styled the shelf we thought as much about negative space as decor. Although it is a great opportunity to showcase your favourite items, make sure that you don’t pile on too much!

throw blanket, greenery and vase

Pro Tip: Don’t be afraid to add textiles to a bookshelf, it can be a great place to showoff your favourite fabrics.

2. The Kids Room

Styling for a kids space is a fun opportunity to add colour and whimsy to your staging project. We love that this shelf works just as well displaying toys as it does vases or books. The shelf acts as a neutral foundation for lively and fun textiles, toys and art.

kids room book shelf styled with orange accessorieskids room book shelf styled with orange accessories

Pro Tips: When styling a space for kids keep create a colour pallet with 3 colours not including neutrals. Play with different versions of the colours. By adding the 3rd colour the pallet is younger and looser. It shouldn’t look too contrived but you want it to look young and fresh.

3. The Kitchen

Open shelving is making a major statement in kitchens at the moment and this shelf is the perfect way to show off dishes and add interest to a room that may require only light styling. This piece also works in the dining area or in an eat-in kitchen nook.

kitchen shelf styled with neutral accessories and dishes

Current trends have designers stacking beautiful dishes or showing off collections in open shelving. kitchen shelf styled with neutral accessories and dishes

Pro Tip: Make sure you stagger the height of objects on the shelf and always keep in mind the negative space. Lining up glasses or bottles is an awesome way to make a space look really tidy and organized.

Notice that in every version we did use books as decorative accessories, however the bookshelf isn’t just for books anymore. We believe that open shelving is one of our greatest styling opportunities and we hope you have fun styling yours!

~The Flüffians

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