IDS Vancouver 2018 Round-Up

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The Flüffians had another fantastic IDS Vancouver 2018 and we are excited to share our favourite moments. Spending the weekend talking to designers and makers was a major highlight, however hosting a booth meant that we participated more than ever. Thank you to everyone who stopped by to visit, we really appreciate all the great feedback and support we received.

What we saw – Surface and Depth

IDS Vancouver 2018

The elements that stood out to us were true to the theme of the event, Surface and Depth. Textured surfaces and tactile materials were everywhere. The careful and interesting way that designers were handling wood was inspiring. The bathroom designed by CANTU, pictured above was our favourite version of a modern bath. Local Maker Kate Duncan and her group at ADDRESS showed what our local wood crew can bring and it’s impressive as usual.

IDS Vancouver 2018

Saturated bold colour featured heavily as well. Colour trends seem to be deep and earthy with lots of pigment and warmth. This carried through from paint to product design with an emphasis on  art deco styling in both colour and shape. We still see dusty pink, rich greens and wheat as the prominent colours but the tones are all richer and matte with a tactile quality.

Lighter woods are still popular but we predict a small shift towards more medium tones in the next year, with designers emphasizing light frames and curved lines in furniture. The Benjamin Moore pallet was rich and bold, a change from the previous years.

IDS Vancouver 2018

Circles and globes were everywhere. Zoe Pawlak, local designer showed off her recent collection of mirrors and rugs. Ben Barber Studio also represented with a showstopping round pink table that the Flüffians were all coveting.

IDS Vancouver 2018

The presence of lighting design  was especially strong this year, with bold shapes and light organic frames being most prominent. The cardboard booth created by Lock & Mortice , (center below) featuring Mathew McCormick was outstanding and showcased his beautiful lighting design.

IDS Vancouver 2018

Ideas we love – Timeless over Trend

The interior designers in us were excited about the development in fixtures we saw for kitchen and bath. There was less focus on one specific finish and rather an emphasis on strong designs and modern shapes and ideas. We loved seeing the same handle in brass, brushed nickle and chrome. The industry seemed to be suggesting that if the design was good, the material could be timeless. This idea fits into the concept of individuality in homes. We don’t have to have rose gold hardware because it’s trendy… we can focus on shape and functionality and pick the finish that we truly love. Breakthrough moment we think!?

IDS Vancouver 2018

What is Trendy?

The term trend itself was carefully considered this weekend, and was cleverly paired with the idea of the anti-trend. It brings to mind ideas surrounding practicality and aesthetics but it really focuses on the necessary of individuality and comfort in homes. Trend forecaster and expert Susanna Björklund curated an exhibit featuring Finnish design called, What the Hel. The exhibit explored a new Scandinavian design that included colour, warmth and whimsy. We were drawn to many elements and artists involved but especially loved the textile art from Studio Smoo.

IDS Vancouver 2018

The Events

From the LAMP event to the opening night party, through trade day and ADDRESS, we saw it all. Until next year IDS Vancouver, and thank you!

IDS Vancouver 2018


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