Velvet Furniture or Velvet Pillows?

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Have you ever wanted to indulge in a trend but the budget fairy is saying, “Hmm, maybe not?” Or This is it, you love it and there is no going back?

We understand. We love velvet furniture and we think it’s timeless, but we also feel you can have velvet but make a safe choice for your more expensive pieces. Here are 2 options for you. 1. Velvet furniture or 2. Decorate with velvet cushions.

In this blog post, we have styled 5 of our favourite velvet pieces and explained how to achieve the same look with furniture by Gus Modern and pillows by Bandit Decor. All these items are available at Flüff Designs.

Dramatic & Luxurious ~ Olive Green Velvet

This may be our favourite chair. The luxurious olive green velvet is supple and dramatic.

velvet sofas or velvet pillows

If this is too much commitment to velvet for you, we have you covered with a classic caramel leather armchair from Gus Modern and our very own Bandit Decor pillows. This season we have added  luxurious patterned velvet to our collection. They are warm and tactile for the perfect winter look.

velvet sofas or velvet pillows

Elegant & Sophisticated ~ Deep Indigo Velvet

If you love classic elegance than this hue is for you. A bold navy velvet looks high end and says luxury. Adding touches of warm metals is the perfect way to create sophistication in your home.

velvet sofas or velvet pillows

Perhaps a velvet chair is not what you are looking for but you love the idea of adding softness and luxury with textiles? Here is the same Gus Modern chair in a neutral fabric. We have added velvet cushions to layer on the luxury.

velvet sofas or velvet pillows

Boho & Casual  ~ Raspberry Velvet

There is no doubt that raspberry velvet could be styled a number of ways. Here we show you how the colour can be dressed down. This version creates a relaxed mood, the perfect living room to unwind recharge.

velvet sofas or velvet pillows

If pink is too scary for a major investment piece, we have you covered with our latest collection from Bandit Decor. Pattern and solid pillows in your favourite pink are all available at Flüff.

velvet sofas or velvet pillows

Classic Soft Contemporary ~ Grey Velvet

This classic grey armchair is timeless and beautiful. Of course we had to offer you at least one neutral option! If you don’t want to commit to a colour but love velvet, this is the style for you.

velvet sofa or velvet pillows

Perhaps even a velvet chair it too risky, and that’s okay. We have you covered with the most amazing grey and cream velvet pillows in both solid and pattern styles.

velvet sofa or velvet pillows

Fun & Mid Century ~ Bright Teal Velvet

There are colours when combined with specific eras that evoke playfulness in a design. Teal velvet on a button tufted mid-century sofa is the ultimate in fun and whimsy!

velvet sofas or velvet pillows

If you want to keep your options open and try a less stylized look, then perhaps some patterned velvet pillows will work better? We have both. Come in and play with us and our favourite mid-century inspired styles by Gus Modern.

velvet sofas or velvet pillows

If you have any questions please feel free to email for pricing and availability! See you soon,

~The Flüffians

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