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2018 is coming to and end and the gang at Flüff has started gearing up for a great 2019. The fist order of business is our annual “vision meeting” led by Patti. This is an important goal setting meeting we have every December. It’s where we talk about our personal and professional goals for the next 12 month and beyond.

One of our goals from last years meeting was to create a space in our Flüff Studio to host other inspiring, creative people. Patti’s goal is to host workshops for the Flüffians and our extended design community. We are happy to announce that the Flüff Studio is back in business for 2019 and starting with a bang!

Firstly let us introduce 2 of our very favourite people Meghan and Ally! Here is a bit more about these 2 lovelies and what they create.

Meghan –

Meghan Budd is a creative art facilitator working with various people and organizations in and around Vancouver. She facilitates creative expression workshops and works in collaboration with others to enhance wellness retreats with visual art. Working in all realms of visual art, she guides people through the creative process using open-ended themes and questions. Not just an artist, Meghan is also a teacher and a healer – using creative play and humour in her work.

My workshops provide a fun and welcoming space where participants create freely and joyfully, learning as they play. Students can engage in art for the intrinsic
healing properties. I empower all ages to follow their ideas, take creative risks and immerse in the experience of creating (with little emphasis on the end result). Your journey in life and art is uniquely yours… it beckons you to explore and play, so open your heart to self-expression and self-love.

Ally –

Ally Bradshaw is the founder of Aligned Mvmt, a company designed to change the way we think about and inhabit our bodies. Through one-on-one treatment sessions, classes and informational workshops, Ally educates individuals on proper foundation training, core and posture, breath, and the importance self-awareness for efficient movement and optimal living.

These 2 amazing women have joined forces to bring you the first workshops in the Flüff Studio for 2019

Announcing Renü

Renü yourself with a four hour retreat experience. Connect with your body, soul and creative mind during this restorative Sunday workshop. You will be led through a 75-minute yoga flow including breathwork, self exploration of movement and deep relaxation. Afterwards, a healthy lunch will be provided to nourish you. Then, with quiet focused minds, you will tap into your creativity and experience the flow of nonjudgmental artistic expression. Playing with color, words, paints and other mixed media techniques, participants create a personal artwork. As visual reminder of how you want to feel, this unique piece is yours to take home and enjoy.

Choose from two dates in the New Year. January 20th 2019 or February 3rd 2019. You can arrange tickets to the event here!

This is just the beginning from Ally, Meghan and the Flüff Studio, stayed tuned in the new year for info about more classes and workshops we will be hosting.

~ The Flüffians


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