Staging Essentials – Flüff’s Must Haves!

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Every pro has their go-to’s, and our designers are no exception. Today we are showing you some of our staging essentials. These are products that we love and can’t live without. They are essential tools we use when styling homes for our clients. These small but important items add texture, making a home it feel loved and lived in.

Staging Essential – The Pouf

fabric pouf fluff inventory

Pro Tip: A pouf can act as added seating or in place of a coffee table. Consider using one in a small space that may not allow for an arm or side chair.

fabric pouf fluff inventory

Staging Essential – The Basket

You can find a basket in almost every room of our projects. A decorative touch with a purpose!

decorative basket fluff inventory

Pro Tip: Baskets can be used in any room and come in many materials. Don’t forget the kitchen and bathroom where you can use baskets for storage and to keep the space clutter free.

decorative basket fluff inventorydecorative basket fluff inventorydecorative basket fluff inventory

Staging Essential – Textured Wall Art

Sometimes a wall needs attention but you have enough art in the space; here a great piece of wall art will come in handy.

textured wood wall artwood geometric wall art

Pro Tip: Think of the elements when choosing wall art. We love metal, wood and glass because they all add a calm, low-key visual to a space.

round metal wall artmulti wood wall art

Staging Essentials – The Tray

Trays are used often in styling to create cohesion and collections. It is a great way to group objects and keep a space looking tidy and organized.

wooden tray with tea accessories

Pro Tip: Trays work in so many ways, make sure not to overdo it as it’s easy to go tray crazy!

wooden tray with bath itemstray with bathroom items

There are so many ways to layer a project, making it look sophisticated and inviting. Theses are a few of the ways our designers use accessories strategically to make a room come together. Let us know if you have any tips or tricks in our comment section. We’d love to hear from you!

~The Flüffians

All products in this post are available at Flüff Designs for rent or for purchase.

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