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Today we want to highlight some tips on styling entryways. In home staging we aim to make an amazing first impression and entryways are our very first and most important opportunity to do it. In a standard house or condo there is usually a small area where we can place a console and hang either artwork or a mirror. Here we want to show you 3 completely different styles using the same 5 elements.

  1. A console or small desk (the piece we’ve chosen could be used as either)

  2. A Lamp

  3. A Mirror or Wall Art

  4. Small accessories, including greenery

  5. A basket with some textiles

Use these 5 elements in any design and you can create the perfect first impression too!

Eclectic Entryways

This version of the entry is trendy and modern. We have used warm metals and organic textures to create a simple but attractive vignette.

an eclectic entry vignette with lamp and desk

Mid Century Entryways

We have styled this version of the entryway using younger, modern accessories and accents. Essentially it is the same 5 elements but the outcome suits a totally different clientele.

Mid Century entry way styling with desk and lamp

Contemporary Entryways

This contemporary entry styling shows how to skip the mirror and add depth with wall art and greenery. We think that almost anyone would be happy to walk into a home that looked like this.

wall shelf and greenery in a contemporary entry with desk

No matter what your style is, there is a formula to styling that can be used almost anywhere. The key to successful entryways is to keep them clutter free and inviting. See you next time for more tips on staging and styling and read our post on Staging with Colour for even more info.

~The Flüffians

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