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When we feature a product in our styling projects that means we really love it. That’s why we are so thrilled to be adding Woodlot to our product mix at Flüff. Woodlot is a Canadian company creating gorgeous “premium natural home and body basics” ~ Woodlot

Our staff loves to use their products but we also love styling with Woodlot because of the simple, beautiful packaging. It’s a win-win for designers and design conscious people.

woodlot home and body basics

Everyone has their favourite scent but the overall winner for the showroom this season is Cinder. The combination of cedar, cinnamon, and orange is perfect for snowy or rainy days. Cinder is the ultimate Vancouver winter essence.

woodlot home and body basics

The packaging is simple and beautiful. It is the perfect addition to a bed side table or bathroom vanity. A collection of essential oils and blends also looks stunning next to your favourite diffuser in your main living space.

woodlot home and body basics

Our favourite floral scent of the moment is the ultra feminine Amour, with just the right amount of rose and a hint of black pepper for spice. We are lucky enough to be carrying Woodlot so visit the showroom to sample the scents or to purchase for your styling projects. Woodlot is also available on their website where they have the full line of products.

~ The Flüffians

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