Improving Wellness in 2021!

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We want to start the new year talking about wellness and what we can do to improve our lives right now. Of course this is not the January we are used, a January with shiny new gym memberships and renewed vigor to crush our goals. That doesn’t mean we won’t continue to improve our situations with small moves and self care. Here is reality – we have to work and work out at home. We have adapted to working at home, and it’s time to adjust our spaces to include exercise, relaxation and self care. Here are our suggestions for improving your wellness in 2021.

1. A Simple but Impactful Workout Space

It can be as easy as finding an accessible spot for your yoga mat or splurging on a set of weights. Take some time everyday to relax and stretch. Our bodies need the recharge more than ever with screen time at an all time high. A meditation app can be a great way to kickstart meditation practices. We love Serenity : Guided Meditation and Mindfulness Take a minute!

Enjoy a quiet moment at home with updated yoga gear. We love the latest collection from local lovelies Half Moon Yoga

2. Consider a Scent for your Home

Indulge in making your space amazing by finding a scent you love. Vancouver is home to some fantastic wellness companies. High quality essential oils and blends are easy to come by.  We love Woodlot for their Original and Flora scents in soaps, oils and body lotion.

Check out our favourite blends from local makers Woodlot.

3. Brighten Up 2021 with New Bedding

They say it’s the little things and bedding may seem like a little thing but it’s so important! A well made bed and a new set of sheets can go a long way to making your life better. We spend a lot of time in bed, it had better be comfy.

We love Flüff’s latest bedding line. Come visit to see our latest linens!

4. It’s Your Year to Organize

We have so many clients ready to renovate in 2021. It seems like the need to improve our homes is stronger than ever. Renovating, however, isn’t a reality for everyone. Instead we recommend you consider a bigger than ever spring cleaning session. Strategic shelving and proper organizing will make your life much better and it’s a satisfying job. Put the day in your calendar so you can’t back out. It’s time to dust!

Let’s clear the clutter this year. We love the streamlined modern look of this open shelving from Gus* Modern available through Flüff

We are dedicated to making the best of this winter and improving our wellness in 2021. Please get in touch if there is anything we can do to help you create comfort and joy in your home.

Happy New Year,

The Flüffians

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