A Focus on Sustainability in Home Styling

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Shown above is a combination of re-purposed décor, DIY projects, sustainable fabrics, and vegan leather. All of these options make sustainable choices in home styling possible!

Let’s focus on sustainability in home styling! To us design perfection is a minimalistic style that focuses on intentional design that is beautiful and functional. While our style does include colour; it is used carefully, creatively, and sparingly. The focus and function of minimal, neutral design pairs well sustainable minded design. Quality and performance are important consideration in furniture design, and focusing on both leads to meaningful choices. Meaningful choices are the key to practicing sustainability in home styling.

At Flüff we want to continue to integrate more sustainability in home styling. This spring we will focus on using our latest design inspiration to dive deeper. These are some of the ways we are using more sustainable choices when styling homes.  Here’s what we are up to;

Offering Plant based options in Furniture

We have been close partners with Gus* Modern for a long time and we have always valued this Canadian company and their amazing eye for design. What we also value is their commitment to making plant based choices possible, without sacrificing design or quality. Gus* offers our clients an innovative synthetic down-fill made from 100% plastic bottles. Recently they have added beautiful vegan leathers to their product line. Gus* has made a serious commitment to sustainable endeavors, and we are really proud to offer the line to our clients.


The artwork in this living room is made from old wallpaper books by our very own Haydee! The lamp was also re-purposed; it used to be chrome.

Re-Purposing Inventory | It’s time for a makeover

It is not as easy as it once was to order new inventory. Many items are out of stock or have really long lead times. Instead of getting frustrated we are getting creative. It’s actually pretty amazing the restorative power of paint. We asked the designers what part of our inventory needed the most attention and it turns out that lighting and décor were at the top of the list. Check out the results of some textured spray paint and a whole lot of underused chrome inventory!

All of these vases were way past their prime. Most were either chrome or a colour the designers didn’t love any longer. It is safe to say that they could go into any of our projects now!

Adding More Pre-Loved Items to Our Inventory

There has always been a small second-hand department in our inventory; predominantly for the use of the set designers working in film. We love that we’ve started adding more pieces like these to our collection and we are happy to start incorporating it into our home styling. There is something soulful about quirky older pieces, and it feels great to start using them more. We have started working with the local team to source and spot the best pre-loved décor that Vancouver has to offer.

This arrangement of accessories has some pre-loved, some re-purposed and some new items.

Creating New Pillow Collections Using Existing Pillows

Sometimes the inspiration is staring you in the face. Every season we curate a new collection of pillows for Bandit Décor. For Spring 2021 we decided to see what we already have and work with it! We took our favourite fabrics from the last few seasons and mix and matched, adding a few new fabrics but from older fabric books only! We are excited with what we came up with and can’t wait to share.

This Gus* Modern sectional has a synthetic down fill made out of 100% recycled plastic bottles. These Bandit pillows are 3 seasons old but just as gorgeous as day 1. Choosing a long lasting fabric like linen means we change our decorative cushions less often.

We hope you’ve found some inspiration through our journey to make space for more sustainable options in home design. We look forward to continuing the trend towards a healthier future for the planet. Re-purposing old materials turned out to be just as satisfying as buying new, as was re-discovering an older yet classic fabric. Let us know your thoughts on our ideas. Until next time,

~The Flüffians

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